3 (or more) prong duel
- identifies multiple horses contesting a faster than normal pace.
Accordion Flow
- description of a race that goes fast early, strings the field out and the pace slows. When the field comes together and front runners catch breathers, the pace picks up again. These kinds of flows usually benefit speed types.
- blinkers Off
- blinkers On
- backstretch
- better than looked
- between
Eyeball Duel
- a normal pace, but the leaders are right together. This causes stress and burned fuel despite what might be normal or slower than normal pace scenario.
Fake Fast
- a race that had a runoff leader by several lengths. The rest of the field is compact and patient. Pace analysis handicappers might be fooled into thinking the closers had a big advantage, when in reality the field ignored the runoff leader and the pace was actually quite normal for the others.
- far turn
Given race
- possibly identifying a suspicious ride where jockey doesn’t give his best effort
- leaders that are dueling 2 lengths clear of next closest runner
- lengths
- unknown
- mild asking from jockey to horse
- no bias
- run-up
- Describes a leading group of horses. For example, a 4 across 3/4 stack for the lead would identify a leader that had a 3/4 length lead, a tracker that had a 3/4 length lead on the third horse and a third horse that had a 3/4 length lead on the fourth horse. Identifying stacking is important because it can cause burned fuel, as movement by any involved can cause the pace to quicken. Also, if one were to not be able to keep up in this stack it would cause a shuffle. Generally speaking, a horse involved in a stack of 3 or more will have to run well to overcome the trip is
Top of Stretch